Are you looking for a place to swing and bounce in Florence?

Dancing Lindy Hop in Florence is easy.
A vibrant community of Lindy Hoppers, weeks filled with events and social dances. Tip tap shoes and Charleston dresses. Vintage lovers. Flappers and Gangsters.
The Prohibition Era is now in Florence!

If you are a Lindy Hopper, you know how addicted this dance can became. It gives you joy and happiness and you don’t want to stop. You can’t.
So, every day of the week, you find yourself searching for swing events, social dancing night, lindy hop class, boogie woogie meeting, Charleston workshop…anything that could give you relief!

If you live in Florence, you’ll have no problem.
Tuballoswing organizes events and social dancing night almost everyday.

What is TuballoSwing?
It’s a school where you can learn Lindy Hop and Boogie Woogie.
It’s a cultural association with the purpose of spreading the music and the culture of the 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s.

But most of all is a community of people that share the same passion.
People that love the Roaring 20s.
People that love the 40s Glamour and the Fabulous 50s.
People that love to dance! Anywhere, anytime!
People that love the Triple Steps!

Those people are continuously in contact with one another to create special events, workshop, social dancing night, where they can free themselves and dance the Lindy Hop.
Every month a new international dancer come to dance the Lindy Hop in Florence with us.
And when someone is trying a new step, another one is looking for a new vintage dress in a continuous exchange of ideas and inspiration.

So, if you know how to dance but don’t know any other Lindy Hopper, or you want to try this new experience, please join our community.

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or contact Antonio +39 3358010264 o Giulia +39 3477394852
or by email

And remember:

Everybody dance Swing!